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Embark on the Corporate Ethics Journey to sustain business success

The current challenging business context is putting increasing pressure on organisational stakeholders to find economic solutions for business survival, recovery, sustainability, and growth. Ethical transgressions are on the rise across continents and are being committed in the quest for economic gains and other business goals.


A perpetuation of such conditions is heavily counterproductive for the welfare of employees, organisations, industries, and the nation. The risk of anomie creeping in and impacting the employees’ engagement, morale, health, and performance becomes prevalent when there is a lack of ethical standards and practices in businesses. Furthermore, a superfluous approach to ethics is equally detrimental to businesses, as it will prove to be ineffective, serving no purpose. All these conditions adversely impact the work environment, ethical climate, and culture, endangering the very survival of businesses.

Ethics in business is more than ever necessitating increased consideration and bold measures from business leaders. Embracing a transformational Corporate Ethics Journey and strengthening the organisational DNA with an ethics-driven culture has become critical.


An empirically driven 7-Stage Ethical Culture Journey has been developed and put forward to support business leaders, policymakers, and other organisational stakeholders in setting up a step-by-step practical ethics strategy, framework, and approach to support the journey of transforming and reinforcing their organisational ethical culture and systems.


A broad adoption of the 7-Stage Ethical Culture Journey will gradually empower the larger business community to operate with higher ethical standards and practices, leading to enhanced organisational citizenship behaviour, employee conduct and performance.


Make the right call! Take the lead and embrace the Corporate Ethics Journey for ethical culture transformation!

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