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LEADETHICS is a platform dedicated to empowering the business community to foster ethical leadership and culture. Through its research, LEADETHICS provides insights on the ethical culture, behaviour and leadership in business organisations in Mauritius. Based on empirical research, insights, and experiences, it puts forward the key ethics related actions required to implement highly effective ethics standards and programmes in the business community. 
LEADETHICS aims to bring together policymakers, industry leaders, business drivers, professionals, ethics & governance experts and scholars from Mauritius and all over the world to share their experiences, ideas, resources, and techniques, and make the right call to collectively commit to putting ethics at the top of the leadership agenda and drive the transformation of ethical organisational culture and leadership for the greater good.
Dr. Rishi O. Sookdawoor

I am passionate about sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources to empower business stakeholders and the community to bring about positive change enabling them to transform, grow, and shape their success by doing the right thing for the greater good.

Dr. Rishi O. Sookdawoor

Founding Member

Rishi O. Sookdawoor is a Doctor of Business Leadership and is a multi-functional, strategic and board-level executive with a 20-year track record of spearheading strategic ventures and transforming businesses. He is also the Group Officer in Charge & COO of NIC Group of Companies. With a strong passion and advocacy for ethical leadership, Dr. Sookdawoor aims to contribute to the body of knowledge through his research and opinion papers on ethical leadership and organisational citizenship behaviour. In his quest to contribute towards shaping a stronger ethical culture in business organisations, he advocates for the collective drive and stewardship of business leaders in fostering ethical culture and behaviour in the business community.

Dr. Sookdawoor is also the founding research member of LeadEthics, a platform dedicated to steering forward the mission of fostering ethical leadership at national and global levels. He can be reached at: as well as on LinkedIn and ResearchGate

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